May 2016 Newsletter

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IRender nXt 7.0 - Update Available Now

IRender nXt version 7.0 includes new features, a more efficient interface, and enhancements focused on improving workflow. If you haven't updated IRender nXt in a while, now is the perfect time to do so.

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Everyone is invited to try IRender nXt 7.0, absolutely FREE for 30 days!

IRender nXt 7.0 includes new features

IES Lights Includes 30 IES Profiles. You can also browse the internet for manufacturers' files. IES profiles improve lighting solutions with realistic lighting that matches the actual fixture.

Learn more about IES Lights

Material Styles Study design alternatives and present options to clients for any new construction, renovation, and remodel project. Just open a SketchUp model, assign materials, and save the style by name. Save as many styles as you need to explore, preserve, and recall your design options.

Try it! Material Styles Tutorial

Auto Reflection Improve workflow with Auto Reflection. Assign materials and turn it on!
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Learn all about Auto Reflection

ArchVision RPCs Include ArchVision RPCs in SketchUp models and render!

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See: RPC Objects

License Options New IRender nXt license options make it easier than ever to keep your software current. Select the option Subscription or Permanent that's right for your business.