May 2011 Newsletter - new nXtRender 4.0 Features

May 2011 Newsletter

New features for ArielVision

Good news for ArielVision users!

We have taken some of the most popular features of IRender nXt and added them to ArielVision .

Now you can make your ArielVision renderings even better.

If you purchased ArielVision within the past 12 months, you can download the latest version of ArielVision to take advantage of these features. Otherwise, you can Upgrade ArielVision to the latest version.

Indirect Lighting

Incorporate the effects of reflected light, such as the reflected cove lighting above this suspended ceiling.

Indirect Lighting refers to the IRender nXt feature of processing light reflected from mirrors and other surfaces.

This creates a realistic lighting effect which improves with each successive rendering pass. Indirect should be used with most interiors scenes to soften the lighting effects.

Self Glow

Television with 10% self-glow

Self Glow illuminates a surface as if it had light shining on it, without actually making it a light. For objects which you want to appear bright, but which don't need to illuminate other objects, this is much faster than making lights out of them.

Save Rendered Image Wizard

Save Rendered Image.jpg

Click the Save button on the Toolbar to Save your Rendered Image Revit save image button.png

Image Formats

  • JPEG - with and without comments.
  • PNG files - compressed and no loss of quality.
  • Transparent PNG files - compressed and no loss of quality.
  • Native nXt Image - nXtImage format contains the intensities, depths and materials for use with with the nXt Image Editor .
  • HDRi - saves the rendering image with an intensity channel.
  • EXR - another format with intensity information.
  • See: Save Rendered Image Wizard

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