May 2011 Newsletter

May 2011 Newsletter

Realistic Fog Effects

Volumetric Fog for Special Effects

The new Volumetric Fog feature in IRender nXt can add realism to nighttime scenes, daytime exteriors, and theater lighting.

Create a really unique Presentation from your model using Fog, Smoke or Haze.

For more information see: Volumetric Fog

Nighttime Fog

Sun Streaks on Hazy Day

Spot Lights in a Smoky Room

New 3D PDF Interface

RPS 3D PDF was the first add-on we created for SketchUp more than 5 years ago, and its User Interface has just gotten more and more complicated as we added more features and found places to stick them.

Rich has created a new multi-tab wizard which should make it easier to create your 3D PDF files. The first release of this is for the new 3D PDF for IRender nXt. Check it out, 3D PDF Setup Wizard, in the latest release of IRender nXt.

The new Wizard for 3D PDF makes it even easier to create 3D PDF Presentations.

See: 3D PDF Setup Wizard

3D PDF Margin Tab.jpg

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