May 2009 Newsletter

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NprTools released

The long awaited Non-Photorealistic add-on for SketchUp, NprTools , has finally been released (well, at least in Beta Test mode).

The best features, Soft Shadows and Sketchy Shadows , will complement your SketchUp model when you are using SketchUp's Sketchy Edges and Sketchy Styles.

SketchUp model processed by NprTools Soft Shadows.
Same Model with soft, cross-hatched, Sketchy Shadows from NprTools

Other features, such as Crayon Colors , Sketchy Textures and Tileable Textures , will make it easier for you to achieve special effects when rendering your SketchUp model.

At just $25.00 per copy (if purchased during the Beta Test period), this is a must have add-on for your SketchUp presentations.

Read more at NprTools or download a 30-day free trial copy from: Downloads Page. Let us know what you think, or see other people's reaction at the Forum.

If you haven't tried IRender nXt yet, download a trial version from: Downloads Page

If you have already tried it out, but want to take another look, request a new 30-day trial from Support

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