July 2008 Newsletter

July 2008 Render Plus Newsletter

IRender New Features

IRender nXt has added several new features:

Soft Shadows

Soft shadows from large light, and soft beam drop off with default field angle.

The IRender lights now use the width of the lamp bulb to create softer shadows.


Transparency tab.jpg
  • The default field angle for spotlights has been changed to 180 degrees. This seems to give better results.
See: Beam and Field Angles
  • The default glass type has been changed from thin (single face per pane) to thick (two faces per pane). If you are using thin glass you will want to edit the material and mark it as thin.

Transparent Backgrounds


You can save your rendered image with a transparent background to make it easy to use an a alpha transparent Image in SketchUp or in a paint program.