January 2012 Newsletter

January 2012 Newsletter

New Video - HDRi Positioning
Background trees and Skies from HDRi image.

Lots of people are getting good results using HDRi backgrounds for trees, skies, buildings and even interiors of buildings.

There is a Rotation setting on HDRi skies and backgrounds which lets you rotate the HDRi. But it can require multiple steps to get the right rotation to match your model - since you often have to rotate the HDRI, re-render, view the result, and repeat until you get what you want.

Rich has added a new feature to IRender nXt and created a new video: Rotating HDRi which make this much easier. You just drag the background with your mouse until you see what you want - then re-render to get the full effects of illumination, rotation, etc.

Give it a look! Watch Video !

Position HDRi Sky

Position HDRi.jpg

Watch Video efA5Z-sPGpg

  • Select HDRi
  • Position Image
  • Render with new image position

See: HDRi Setup Tab

Download the latest version of IRender nXt to try it out.

Foreground and Background Image Layers

We have added foreground images as well as HDRi backgrounds to our Image Layer Wizard . This feature is still in "Beta Test", but try it out if you get a chance.

  1. Download the latest version from Downloads
  2. Choose the new Layers set up tab, or Layer Wizard from the foreground or background tabs.

We are planning a new video in a couple of weeks with more information on how to use the new Layer Wizard.

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Recently added features include Background Image Wizard , Volumetric Fog and Tileable Textures .

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