IRender nXt Options

The Setup Options dialog is used for setting in IRender nXt

Setup Options Tab Dialog

The Setup Options dialog is used for rendering settings in nXt for Revit. Settings are grouped in the following tabs:

Render 72.png Render Basic Rendering Options - Render window size, lights per pass, etc.
Nxt 72.png Render 2 Plants, Section Planes, bounces, Additional Rendering Options
Interior 72.png Presets Lighting Presets and the settings they affect
Styles 48.png Styles Views and Auto Reflection settings which can be shared between drawings.
Lighting 72.png Lights Overrides for Lighting Defaults
Sky 72.png Sky Sun and Sky modes, colors, and intensity
Hrdi 72.png HDRi HDRi Sky Settings
Background 72.png Background Background Image and Ground Plane settings
Foreground 72.png Foreground Foreground Image, watermark, or logo
Special 72.png Special Edge Lines and Components
Save 72.png Image Auto Image, Image Comments, Watermarks
More 72.png More Load and Save settings, Licensing

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