IRender nXt - Getting Started

IRender nXt is an easy to learn plugin for creating photorealistic renderings right inside SketchUp. Watch our getting started with IRender nXt video.

Get started with an overview of Rendering, Installation, Licensing and some video tutorials.

Sala 020612 by Jorge Javier Lara Dominquez

IRender nXt is an easy to learn, yet powerful plugin for creating photorealistic renderings from right inside SketchUp. If you can draw it in SketchUp, you can render it with IRender nXt.


Downloading & installing.

See: How to Download and Install

If you have any problems downloading or installing your IRender trial software, we’re here to help. Contact us at

Trial Version

The IRender nXt trial is a fully functional version with no watermarks or limitations. You may use it free for 30 days.

See: Purchase a full license at any time.

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Videos and Tutorials

Written Tutorials

In addition to the videos below, we have a number of written tutorials which can help you get started.

IRender nXt Interior Pool Tutorial

Figure 21.jpg
This is a great tutorial for learning many different aspects of IRender nXt

This Tutorial, the basic room model and some of the components were built by Jorge López.

Jorge López is an architect who has been teaching at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids,Iowa since 1991. This IRender nXt tutorial was created for his students in the CAD SketchUp class.

Upon completing this Tutorial, you will be able to

a. create light fixtures
b. add light emitters to existing components
c. modify light properties
d. use channels to adjust light levels
e. modify material properties
f. render a 360° panoramic view
g. create a rendered animation

The Videos and Tutorials Page has videos for you to use to get started and on-line documentation to accompany many of the videos.

Video Tutorials


Purchase at any time.
No need to wait until your trial is over, you can purchase an IRender nXt full user license at anytime. Multi-seat and network licenses are also available. Contact with questions.

Problems - Contact Us - Don't Give Up

If you are trying IRender nXt for the first time, and have problems, Don't Give Up.

  • Between the combinations of SketchUp versions, Windows versions, and machine types, sometimes somethings goes wrong. It anything is not working, don't give up. Let us know.
  • If you have problems with downloads or installation, contact us right away at
  • If you have other problems, or questions on how to use IRender nXt, place them on our Forum.
  • Download Problems - If the download doesn't start, try again. Sometimes our download service gets messed up, If is still doesn't start email us and we will send you a direct link to try.
  • Installation - During installation, you need to select the proper version of SketchUp. If you have problems contact us right away.
  • SketchUp Toolbar - If the application does not appear on the SketchUp tool bar - look under plugins. If there is an entry called IRender Load', click it.
  • Other Problems - - Contact Us - Don't Give Up.

Other Tutorials

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