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nXtRender Newsletter June 2008


nXtRender Newsletter June 2008

IRender nXt for SketchUp - try it now

Render Plus has just released a new Beta version of IRender nXt for SketchUp' using the latest nXtRender nXt engine.

It does a much better job of lighting, shadows, and reflection than the previous IRender version. Because it is fully integrated into SketchUp, it is a powerful, but easy rendering interface for SketchUp.

To get started with IRender nXt, just fill out this application...

Go to: Downloads Page to download the latest version.

bd - The Architects' Website


Quick on the draw, cheaply - Jan 2, 2008

Aside from the many features in Sketch Up Pro — and I have still not discovered all of them — the program can benefit from many external plug-ins. I have been using an amazing one based on the nXtRender ray-tracing engine called IRender, and was impressed by the extra quality it gave images once radiosity calculations are applied and a ray trace produced — all for under a £100. It’s not Studio Max, but it is many times quicker and 10 times cheaper. Productivity is rocketing.

nXtRender Newsletter July 2007


nXtRender Newsletter July 2007

nXtRender for SketchUp available at a special price

Render Plus Systems' is offering a special price for IRender Plus to nXtRender users.

IRender fully integrates the nXtRender engine into SketchUp using ray tracing and radiosity technologies to create high quality, photorealistic, still, panorama, and animation image files. Both SketchUp and nXtRender materials are recognized and all rendering settings are saved with the SketchUp model.

Cadalyst July 2007


IRender and IRender Plus

New to Cadalyst are IRender and IRender Plus, both fully integrated rendering solutions for SketchUp that allow users to create photorealistic renderings from SketchUp models. For those unfamiliar with SketchUp, it's an easy-to-use application that simplifies 3D design.

Cadalyst March 2007

CADlogo 352 458.jpg

Several plug-ins for SketchUp help improve graphic quality. The RPS Ray Trace Exporter creates photorealistic renderings from SketchUp models using the nXtRender ray-tracing engine.

from CGIndia

Irender-CGIndia jpg.jpg

+ A link to it, is lying on my desktop for quite some time,..... Although, we have put a news about it in our regular feature of CGnews Tid-bits , we think it need a little more attention.

Well, IRender by Render Plus systems is Ray Tracing rendering system for SketchUp, and is based on nXtRender ( IQ: uses nXtRender rendering engine to create renderings). The reason which makes it note-worthy is that; IRender rendering solution gets fully integrated into SketchUp and all the IRender settings are saved automatically in your SketchUp model. This mean user can switch to other high-end application without a need to specify lights, reflections, glow etc. again.

Besides, giving advantage of Fully integrated into SketchUp, IRender offers other great features such as:

  • It creates custom lamp fixtures.
  • Create lamp component (bulb) of any wattage and beam angle.
  • Create reflective materials easily.
  • Create target lights on IRender lamps.
  • Can create reflective mirror.
  • Can render individual object in a 3d scene.

IRender plus is extended version of IRender with more advance features such as Radiosity, huge component library (500 fractal plants), convert nXtRender materials to SketchUp material and can create walkthrough animation of your SketchUp 3d Scene. Although the market of external rendering system for SketchUp is hoting up and big-wigs like both VRay & Maxwell render are now released for SketchUP, the IRender still remains worth a look......

So guys have a look and give it a shot by downloading a fully functional 30 day Trial Version. Documentation as well as quick start guide is also available on Render plus website. Download IRender from Downloads Page



IRender & IRender Plus for SketchUp

Render Plus System Inc. has come up with the Photorealistic Rendering Solution for SketchUp.

IRender is a new, fully integrated, photo quality rendering solution for SketchUp. IRender generates stunning Photorealistic renderings from your SketchUp models Scenes.

IRender Plus allows you to add plants, materials and has some more advanced features. from: