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IRender nXt Toolbar

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(Click on any item for documentation)

  • IR24.png IRender Info - start up settings and general information.
  • Render24.PNG Start Ray Trace - starts a new ray trace of your current model and settings.
  • Refresh 36.png Restart Rendering - start a new rendering with settings changes only. (Do not extract and reload the geometry.)
  • Irender Image edit.png nXt Image Editor - Edit nXt Image.
  • Setup24.PNG IRender nXt Options - Render window size, render quality, etc.
  • Render ready.png IRender Ready Load a lamp, mirror or tree from the 3D Warehouse or create a lamp, or a light fixture.
  • Paint 24.png Place Material - Select and Edit materials and place them directly into components.
  • New matl24.PNG Create Material - make a new SketchUp material from an .ArMaterial material.
  • Material styles.png Material Styles - Save and reload material settings for the model.
  • Layers 24.png Image Layer Wizard - position or adjust foreground or background images.
  • New plant24.PNG Create Plant - create a SketchUp component from an AccuRender Plant. The component will automatically render as a Fractal Plant.
  • Load sample icon.jpg Load Sample models.
  • Movie24.PNG Animation - create movies, or batch images from SketchUp animation pages.
  • Rpc24.PNG RPC - load RPC object into SketchUp model.
  • Help24.PNG Help - load the on-line Help pages.

IRender display window

IRender Window.jpg

Your rendering appears in a separate Window. Model and setting changes are performed in SketchUp. However, some image functions are performed by the toolbar at the top of the rendering window:

  • AboutIRender.jpg About IRender nXt - Display this dialog
  • Help36.png Statistics - show model and rendering statistics
  • AdjustmentsFilters.png Adjustments and Filters - This dialog has Adjustments: Brightness and Contrast among others, and Filters: Sharpen, Smooth, and others.
    More about Adjustments and Filters
  • AdjBright.png Brightness - Use this control to adjust the overall image brightness.
  • Save.PNG Save Image - save the current rendering image to file on the disk. See File Formats below.
  • Zoomall36.png Zoom All - make the image fit in the window area.
  • Zoom1.PNG One-to-One - display the image at is actual size
  • ModView.png Change View - Modify the current view, requires a rendering restart
  • Setup36.png Setup - Setup page size - and re-render
  • EdMat.png Edit Materials - Make changes to materials
  • ImgLayers.png Image Layers - Manage Foregrounds and Backgrounds
  • GetBalance.png Light Balancer - Balance Lighting using light channels
  • SpecialEffects.png Effects - Add Haze, set Depth Blur, and add Glare to the completed rendering

File Formats

The Save Rendering button allows you to save your rendering to several different image formats. You can save to most formats while a rendering is in progress.

  • .JPG and .PNG - these save your rendering as a high quality image.
  • The Alpha channel versions of the file formats are meant to be used for high-quality composting. Backgrounds will appear black when the rendering is saved with Alpha channel.
  • The .hdr and .exr formats store luminance data directly in a High Dynamic Range format. Non-luminance backgrounds, such as normal photographs, will appear black when saved in one of these formats.
  • The .nXtImage format is the native image format of the nXt renderers. It is the recommended format for storing your renderings, since it preserves the most information about your rendering. Images stored in this format can be manipulated in the nXt Image Editor and special FX can be added. From this editor, you can save to many popular standard formats, including all of the formats supported in nXt. You can also save to Piranesi (.epx) file format. See: NXt Image Editor

Other Setup Options

Support Dialog

Support Dialog

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