Getting Started with nXtRender for BricsCAD

Thanks for downloading nXtRender for BricsCAD.

To run the program after installation, type "nXt" at any command prompt to load the nXtRender Control Panel.

On rare occasion, nXtRender for BricsCAD’s self-registration will fail and you will need to manually load the application the first time you run it. See 
Registration Help
 for instructions.


Control Panel

Brics control panel.png

The nXtRender for BricsCAD icons on the Control Panel are:

Brics green button.png Render Model. Start rendering, using the current 3D view.
You decide when to Stop the rendering—it will continue refining the picture until you stop it. Try rendering a small to medium sized model first—before you throw something very large at it.

Brics setup button.png Setup options. Load Setup Options Tab Dialog. Set rendering options before rendering.

Brics info button.png About nXtRender. Show current version information.


After receiving your license for nXtRender, load the License Dialog, enter your License Number and other information, and click "Check License and Validate".

To load the License Dialog, click the Setup Options icon on the nXtRender control panel, and click on the License button.

Brics license.png

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