Create Plant

Create Plant is used to create a SketchUp component to represent an nXtRender plant. When the model is rendered the plant is automatically rendered as a fractal plant, providing much greater detail than that available in the SketchUp model.

Create Plant is a wizard in IRender nXt

Sample Model

IRender nXt plants in SketchUp
IRender nXt plants in IRender nXt

Create Plant Components

Create Plant.jpg
  1. Select the Create Plant icon form the IRender nXt toolbar: New plant24.PNG
  2. Select a plant from the AccuRender libraries.

Plant images.jpg

Make any changes to Plant

Tree Editor0.jpg

Generate Plant Image and Place Plant

Tree Editor.jpg

  • Create both Top and Side View - will create a Top View image of the tree which is useful for Top View landscape renderings.
See: Top View Trees for Landscapes
  • Image resolution - quality of the image in SketchUp - this does not effect the quality of the rendering.
  • Shadow mask Resolution -the shadow mask will create shadows in SketchUp
This does not effect the quality of the rendering.
  • Start or Remake
Click this button to remake the image with the new settings
  • Save Tree Image - save the tree and place it in SketchUp.

Settings on SetUp dialog

Plants Tab.jpg

| Nxt 72.png
  • Random Rotation - randomly rotates plants.
  • Random Height - randomly scales plants.
See: Random Plant Settings
  • Season - sets the default season for all plants. (Only applies to AR3 plants, not new nXt plants)

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings.jpg
  • Tree Rotation - lets you rotate the tree in the image.
(Useful for angled, or non-symmetrical trees)
  • Camera Height - lets you raise or lower the camera for different effects.
  • Top View Tree Height - Height at which Top view image is placed in SketchUp as a percentage of the tree height.
Use 1% in stead of 0% to place it near the ground so it won't interfere with your ground plane.
  • Background mode - this does not effect the final image when saved to SketchUp.
HDRi sky mode and be useful to see how the sky effects the lighting.
  • Illumination factor - alter if tree is too light or too dark.
  • HDRi sky rotation - will effect how the HDRi sky illuminates the tree.
  • Use Defaults - reset to default settings