Create Material

Using IRender nXt you can create SketchUp materials, which look like, and are automatically mapped to nXtRender materials when you render the drawing.

Creating AccuRender materials

AccuRender material selection wizard
Material definition dialog

With IRender nXt you can select materials from the AccuRender Material Library, and place them as materials in SketchUp.

The SketchUp materials are created with a raster image of the AccuRender material.

When you render with IRender nXt the will automatically be rendered as AccuRender Solid materials.

Selecting materials

Click the Create Material icon on the toolbar. New matl24.PNG

This will load the AccuRender material selection wizard.

Choose the material desired from more than 5,000 materials included in the AccuRender library.

Defining materials

After you select a material, a dialog will display the material parameters.

  • Select the desired size for the material.

Click Add and Place to create and place the material.
Click Add and Make Another to create this material, and return to the selection wizard.