3D Warehouse

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Sketchup Model from 3D Warehouse.

The Google 3D Warehouse is a free repository for 3D content created using SketchUp.


Anyone can upload and SketchUp models they want, and anyone can retrieve the models and use them with SketchUp, or Google Earth .

Integration with SketchUp

You can integrate the 3D Warehouse into Sketchup by downloading and installing the SketchUp Google Plugin from the Downloads tab of the SketchUp Web site.

After you download and install the plugin, 3D Warehouse and Google Earth will appear on the Plugins menu of SketchUp.


Placement, editing and reporting

RpTools is a SketchUp add-on from Render Plus which makes it easy to place and edit components from the 3D Warehouse.

RpReports is a add-on to assign attributes to components and create Bills-of-Materials and other reports.

IRender Ready content

There is an IRender Ready Collection on the 3D Warehouse of lights and mirrors which are ready to use with IRender .

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