3D PDF Setup Wizard

Page Setup Tab

The 3D PDF Setup Wizard Sets the page layout and all other options for creating your 3D PDF document.

For your first document, just use the Page Setup Tab as is, and click Create PDF in the lower right to create a document.

After you have sen how the document looks and how it works, then then other options will make more sense.

  • Previous, Next - switch between pages.
  • Preview - preview the page layout without 3D content.
  • Help - Load the Online Help Page.
  • Open PDF - Open the PDF file after creating it.
  • Create PDF - Create the PDF File/
  • Layout - Load or save all settings to a disk file. You can load a saved style, or also load styles from a previously created PDF file.

Page setup

  • Units - Inches or Millimeters
  • Page Size - select he size of the 3D PDF page. You can also type a size, such as 4 x 6 for a 4" by 6" page
  • Logo Position - Upper left, etc.
  • Include Page Data includes text on page as well as the 3D Area.

Text, Fonts and Sizes

Text, Fonts and Sizes
  • Logo - Select Logo image and position.
  • Text Areas - Enter the desired text for each section of the page:
  • Title
  • Heading
  • Introduction
  • Caption
  • Body
  • Trailer
  • Fonts - Select the Face Name, Font size, or color for each text Area.

Layout Tab

Layout Offsets Tab
  • Orientation - Portrait or Landscape
  • Logo Position - Upper Left, etc.
  • Logo Image - Select or enter height on paper in inches or mm.
  • 3D Model Image - Select or enter height on paper in inches or mm. You can also use the small square handle below the image to adjust its height.
  • No Toggle Buttons 0 un-checking this will suppress the two buttons - Show Image and Show Model in the rendering.

Margins and Offsets

Margins and Offsets Tab

You can used the square handles at the corners of the margins to adjust the margins, or the square handle at the bottom of the image area to adjust the image area.

  • Margins - set values for margins in inches or mm
  • Clear All - set all margins to 0 - to fill the page with the image.
  • Defaults - restore default margins.


Images Tab

Upload and make settings for Images.

  • Logo
  • Show Border
  • Background Image - background for entire page.
  • Model Image - area where image and 3D model are displayed.

Options Tab

Options Tab
  • Background color
  • Views to include - Model scenes, Standard views, none, or both
  • Default Lights - none of these work as well as you would hope in Adobe Reader - Headlamp is a good choice.
  • Edge Lines - if selected, will generate 3D geometry to replicate SketchUp edges and add it to the 3D PDF model.
  • Camera Constraints - if checked, then the user cannot orbit below the model.
  • Export 2-sided faces - If checked, both sides of each face are processed. This is necessary if some objects are ot closed, or if some faces in the model are reversed.
  • Fit SketchUp view into U3D area
  • No U3D model - makes a PDF with the SketchUp image, but no 3D content.


Properties Tab

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