IRender nXt Sketch Up Rendering Plugin

Powerful Plugin

IRender nXt is a powerful plugin for rendering high-resolution images right inside SketchUp. IRender nXt is fully-integrated with Sketch Up materials, lighting and components for complete control of interior, exterior, daytime or night-time scenes.

Best I've Ever Used

Your renderer is the best one I've ever used for SketchUp. IRender gives enough control over render settings and materials without making it rocket science.
- Jonathan Sturdivant

Affordable Price

Top-quality rendering software doesn't have to be expensive. IRender nXt is professional, ray-tracing renderer that Sketch Up users can afford. A single seat license is just $499 USD and can be installed on both your laptop and desktop.

Incredibly Powerful

IRender nXt only took me a few days to fully understand and learn all about lighting before I was producing renderings for our clients here at Hussmann. It's incredibly powerful and the easiest renderer to learn and use for SketchUp.
- Mark D Taylor

Easy To Use

With IRender nXt you can quickly and easily turn your Sketch Up designs into beautifully rendered images. Add interior and exterior lighting, control shadows, reflections and transparency. If you can design it in Sketch Up, you can render it with IRender nxt.

Keeps getting better

I just love how your programs keeps on having better updates each month and one of the best customer support forums.
- Simon Loisel-Goudreau


First Exterior Rendering

IRender nXt allows you to create beautiful one-click renderings without adjusting a single setting.

  • A simple 'first' rendering with a Google 3D warehouse model.
  • IRender nXt applies surface highlights, reflections and shadows using default settings.
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Simple Rendering of an Object

IRender nXt's one-click rendering feature is just as effective on objects.

  • Watch IRender create a photorealistic of an object in just one-click.
  • Without a single change to the model, IRender nXt creates a high-quality rendering.
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Add Depth to Your Designs with Interior Lighting

Fine-tuned lighting is the key to creating great-looking interior and nighttime scenes.

  • See how to create light fixtures, adjust their settings and add them to a room.
  • IRender nXt offers a wide variety of point, spot, ceiling, floor and table lights to make your renderings more realistic.
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Create Realistic Highlights and Reflections

Highlights and surface reflections are the best way to add realism to your renderings.

  • Make the objects of your design more realistic with IRender nXt's powerful material editor.
  • Convey reflection and sharpness on a variety of surfaces.

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compatible with 32- or 64-bit Windows operating systems

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