ArielVision Sample Models

You can download each model from the 3D Warehouse, and render it, and then use the guidelines on the Information Page for that model to make some changes to learn how things work.

These models can be downloaded directly into SketchUp using the Sample Model Wizard in IRender nXt, or you can download them from our collection in the 3D Warehouse

These Sample Models are available from the Sample Model icon on the ArielVision Toolbar. Load sample icon.jpg

Note: You can uncheck the Show the Wizard... box a the top so that this Wizard does not appear each time you start SketchUp.

Exterior Scene

Exterior Scene Sample Model -

This model is rendered with an HDRi sky for realistic background and reflections.

3D Warehouse Model

Bathroom Vanity

Exterior Scene Sample Model -

This model contains interior lighting, mirrors and reflections.

Rendered with ArielVision

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