ArielVision Bump Maps

Automatic Bump Maps

SketchUp Brick material with auto-bump applied

Using Automatic Bump Maps you can add a 3D effect to a material by treating the material as if lighter or darker portions were indented or extruded from the surface.

Although usually not photo-realistically correct, treating color intensity as a Bump Map for a 3D effect often produces more interesting renderings.

Auto Bump - Automatic Bump Maps are created automatically from SketchUp materials using ArielVision .

Right click on an entity containing a material to load the ArielVision Material Wizard , load the Plus tab, and check Auto Bump and the texture in the material is treated as a bump map as well as than a texture.

Auto Bump Map

Auto Bump checkbox in Material Wizard

The Auto Bump Map option on the Material Wizard creates a bump map (automatically) from the SketchUp image on a material.

Here is an Auto Bump example of a wall with SketchUp's stone material, and two spot light shining on the the material:
(Bump maps have their best effect when there is lighting at an angle to the material, because the bump map 3D effect is more pronounced when there is light shining on the material.)

No Auto Bump Map
With Auto Bump Map and 100% color strength

Another Example

SketchUp Stone_Flagstone_Ashlar material with Auto Bump
SketchUp Stone_Flagstone_Ashlar material without Auto Bump

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