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What is Animation?

Animation is the filming of a sequence of drawings or positions of models to create an illusion of movement. It is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision.

Animation is widely used by architectural designers and others who want to create flowing, visually dynamic and impactful perspectives of their designs for clients.

Animating with Allura Plus (not available in Allura)

High quality animations of SketchUp models can be created with Allura Plus. You can do this by creating a sequence of scenes and rendering the frames in the resulting movie (yes, it’s that easy). After rendering, you select the file format of the movie (.avi, .mp4, .webm, or .ogv) you want Allura Plus to create for you. Alternatively, you can render your scenes with Allura Plus then import the individual files into your preferred movie creation software.

Creating a Simple Animation with Allura Plus

Recommendation: When first starting to use the Animation creator, start with a couple of scenes containing a simple model to experiment and get the hang of how things work, including rendering time, before trying to create a “real” animation.

Follow these steps to help you produce your first animation using Allura Plus (for more detailed Help - Allura Animation Advanced Help ):

1. Render a single scene from your animation to determine the number of samples/passes you will need to render each frame at for the image quality you want.
2. Create your scenes in SketchUp
3. Play the animation in SketchUp to ensure it’s what you want!
4. Launch Allura Plus and click the “Create Animation” icon on the toolbar
Allura toolbar animation icon.jpg
5. Set “Samples” to the number you decided when you did 1 above. If you want to change any other settings do so now.
Allura animation samples dialog.jpg
6. Click the “Start Animation” button to begin rendering.
Allura Start Animation button.jpg
7. After rendering has stopped and the “RPS Create Animation from Image Set” dialog is displayed, select destination folder and file name settings and the format of your output (.Avi, .mp4, .ogv, or .webm), then click the “Create” button.
Allura Create Animation dialog.jpg
8. View your animation with the player associated with the output file format you chose (if you choose either the .Avi or .mp4 format, your computer maybe setup to automatically play one of these on an installed viewer).

Want more detailed information on any part of the animation creation process? See our Allura Plus Animation - Advanced Help .

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